New Development

The apparel cluster, cutting across border, constantly susceptible to change and demands new varieties of Clothing made out of both conventional and man-made fibre . We, in the industry, constantly update our clients in terms of new arrival of yarn / knit / print-technique with an intent to give heads-up to the client’s design team .


  • Spectra has a dedicated team handling this niche area of ensuring flawless transition of order by having checks and balances embedded in the system using Critical Path Method (CPM)
  • Selection of a factory would be in sync with client’s profile and requirements
  • Constant monitoring of the process with multiple teams involved at different levels ensuring smooth flow of the order


  • TNA is being drafted for every factory/vendor who handles either a single client or multiple clients’ order thus demarcating the production line
  • AQL Standard of either 2.5 or 4.0 would be adhered thru bulk production which is constantly monitored by our QA Team on everyday basis
  • Attuned to delivery on agreed lead-time without diluting systems and procedures set in motion
  • We follow strict code of ethics/principles & practices complying social responsibilities of a true business standards


  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) are set in motion with each factory stating the quality requirements and would be evaluated by our QA team on adherence part
  • Ensure Lab Testing from accredited Laboratories like SGS, ITS, BV etc., suiting client’s requirement either thru the order or before shipment
  • In-line Testing of Fabric / Print prior to commencement of bulk production which would be of ‘Dimensional Stability” and ‘Print Appearance After Wash
  • Compliance of Dyes & Chemicals standards set by importer’s nation like avoiding Azo or Petheletes etc.,


  • Pre-Intimation and scheduling of the merchandise with either the Nominated Forwarder or Self-Chosen one (on CNF shipments)
  • Screening of entire Documentation prior to being sent to Importer which includes Invoice, Brief & Detailed Packing List, Generalized System of Preference (GSP), Certificate of Origin
  • Filing of Status Report of the forwarder after stuffing of Merchandise by the Liner
  • Forwarding full set of scanned copies of documents to client(s)

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